Baby seats and boot Space in the saloon

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Hi know this ain’t an exciting thread but I’m selling up my bmw m2 and coming back to Audi. I’ve got a newborn and wondering what the saloon is like ? We also have an Astra but I’ll be using that for work so I need something big enough so mrs can take kid to shops etc etc I don’t expect the saloon to have loads of space but rs3 saloon is only car I like as I want something I can do couple track days per year and still have enough room for the wee man.


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I’ve had the saloon a couple of years now and it’s been absolutely fine with my little man. He’s 2 now and manage to fit buggy/bags in the boot. Anything else just goes on the rear seats.

One thing I would defiantly recommend is the child seat underlay protector. This was a god send in protecting the leather from indents from the seat and mess little man creates when eating!

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Congrats on the new arrival!
I've got 2 kids, 4 and nearly 2. I've had my 2018 saloon from new. No problems with the boot or access for 2 kids - including for the 'travel system' when my son was a newborn. It helps that my wife is small tho as the seat in front will need to be a reasonable way forward to accommodate.
Would defo give another vote for the seat protectors as above.
Neither of my kids ended up in pushchairs for long, the baby carriers were much easier and better accepted for my two and much less bulky to transport (up to 12-18 months). That said a maclaren or equivalent pushchair is small enough not to worry.
I got both of my kids into a recaro rotating base seat as soon as I could. I think it's the hero. 1. It's isofix and the chair rotates on the base to allow forward or backward facing and you rotate it 90deg to face the door for getting the kids in and out. It's well recommended - but irritatingly rattles when empty.
In summary - space is fine, it's no estate, but definatly manigable.

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Thanks for the reply’s my mrs ain’t that tall either so should be fine for space then. Going to see one this Sunday. I’ll have a look at that protector as I was planning on covering up the seats so that’s perfect thanks again