B9 S4 20-36k transmission oil change


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Morning all,

When my B9 S4 was in for a service earlier this year the dealership mentioned that I should think about booking the transmission oil change which is due between 20-36k miles. At that point I wasn't even at 20 and it sounds like a pretty broad guideline for mileage so haven't done it yet but now approaching 27k so starting to think about it.

Has anybody had this done yet and how much did it cost at the dealer? I've not seen any postings at all on it so did wonder if the guy was spinning a yarn :)


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I had mine changed at 40k - after the dealer had the car for a service approx 5k before that and did not recommend!

Audi website recommends 38k - as for cost cannot comment as lease car.

Edit: adding Audi website link: https://www.audi.co.uk/owners-area/servicing.html

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My RS3 gearbox oil was changed at 39k miles, apparently every 3 years or 39k whichever is sooner afaik.


Edit - as Cuke says though RS3 isn't auto box so yes perhaps different.

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Yes saw that, if you head over to the beemmer forums there appears to be conflicting advice, but never less than 20k though. That seems very low..


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On the B9 3.0 TDi (S-Tronic box) it's 40k. I just had mine done with the service - they did the gearbox oil change for £225.