b9 s-tronic and push start questions


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Firstly ,please pardon my lack of knowledge on these points.
Firstly with the key less push start........with my manual A3 with the stop start engaged when i come to a stand still it switches off (but ignition is still on ) and i turn off the key to shut down the car.
What do i do with the key less system with the stop start active when it cuts to the ignition mode and i want to simply switch off the ignition.?
On the auto box,when also in stop start mode when the car comes to a halt and the engine cuts out,do i need to put the box in neutral then apply the park gear?
Also when not in stop start mode,when the car comes to a halt, still in drive gear with my foot on the brake pedal must i put it in neutral then park ,or can you go from drive and simply press park ?
Again sorry for my ignorance here,its just than a standard auto box means you go through" neutral" on the way to "park".
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If I'm reading this right. You just press the stop/start button to turn the engine of and press the P button to put the car into park.


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Into p and open the door kills my s3, presume it's the same on the a4?

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You always press 'P' when you park up. You never need to put it on Nertual unless you want to rev it. You can go straight from Drive or Reserve to park.

On mine, if I stop the car & cuts out and goes to ready. You put it in 'P'. You press the button again to turn off the car / ignition.

However, I have noticed is well, if I stop, and put it in 'P' and then take off the seat belt, the car then goes to 'Off' state. Then I can just get out and lock it and it all turns off.


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As well as all the above, I've found that if I come to a stop (irrespective of drive select) and just press the Start/Stop button, all shuts down and Park/Brake are auto applied by default.

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