B9 RS4 / RS5 Field Service Action - Breather Pipe - 10F8

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There's currently a field service action outstanding on many of these cars depending on the build date. My car is booked in to have this done after I found out via ERWIN (and another owner) my car was affected.

Note that Audi are not pro-actively contacting owners about this but rather, dealers are doing the work whenever the car is next booked in. Nothing stopping you from calling up and asking if it's outstanding on your car and then booking it in specifically to have the work done (like I did). All you need to do is call your local service dept with your VIN and they'll tell you if your car is affected.

The rev counter at idle on my car has become very slightly erratic. No other symptoms so I'm assuming it's related to this:

Service campaign 10F8, Servicing crankcase breather, Release date: 18-May-2018


On a small number of Audi RS 4 and RS 5 vehicles manufactured within a specific period, leaks can occur in the valves in the breather hose due to production tolerances. As a result, the engine may not run smoothly.

The crankcase breather line must be replaced on the affected vehicles.

Customer notification
Please notify customers who have taken delivery of one of the affected vehicles when the vehicles are next in
the workshop.

Please ensure that all affected vehicles are checked and repaired during the next workshop visit. Make a note of the required service campaign on the workshop order before it is signed by the customer.
If it is omitted to perform the required work during a workshop visit, notify the customer about the service
campaign immediately.
You should also pass on this information to your new and used car sales departments so that the vehicles
affected are checked and, if necessary, repaired immediately.

The breather hose cannot be removed without damaging it irreparably. The necessary O-rings -10- are already fitted on the new breather hose.

Vehicles with Digital Service Schedule:

After completing all required work (all criteria), enter "10F8 completed" in the <Workshop remarks> text field of the Digital Service Schedule. The complete record of service events must then be printed out and filed in the Service Schedule.

Vehicles without Digital Service Schedule:
After completing all required work (all criteria), make the entry "10F8 completed" (including date and workshop
stamp) in the first vacant box in the Service Record section or in the section for Workshop remarks.


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In Australia I had asked our audi centre about this and their after sales manager advised

" . .In regard to his questions surrounding the breather pipe - Without a problem or fault then there in no reason to replace a part or component. If Audi believe the part must be replaced, then the rectification would come out in the form of a campaign or recall...."

So with this breather pipe what's the symptoms to tell the service people ? Has anyone in Australia had this done ? Maybe US specific? How do we fell our model is impacted

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