B9 RS4 OEM wheel help


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Deal done in principal to trade in my B9 S4 for a B9 RS4 but I’m struggling with the 19” wheels that are on the car. I haven’t seen these before on a RS4 and have only ever seen these specced on the new S3.

It just doesn’t seem to sit right with me and although I’m assured they are OEM and right for the RS4, I’m not certain. Appointment isn’t until Tuesday due to work commitments.

Can anyone help please ?


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19" are actually standard on the RS4 but you will see very few cars wearing them. Almost everyone has one of the 20" options. Personally, I prefer the 19" - that's what I have on mine - pic attached.


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Thanks, familiar with those ones....and agree they look good

It’s the specific ones above though that I have never seen specced on the RS4


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Hmmmm... they look very similar to me but it's a little difficult for me to be sure from that pic. If you're sure they're different from the pic I sent, then your suspicions are well founded - they're not standard and all the option rims for the RS4 are 20". I don't think there's much more I can say but I hope that's of some use. All the best.


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I haven't seen that variation as an option.
Looks like someone has painted black and diamond cut the standard fit 19"

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Mine has the 20" forged option and I think they fill out the arches a little better. The ride is still quality especially in comfort mode.


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