B9 Hardwire Dash Cam


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Hi Guys,

Looking for some advice powering my dash cam.
In previous (non-Audi) car I had it spliced into the 12v supply at the front.

Looking to do the same with my A4, but checking that the supply is only ignition live and not permanent live?

If so, does anyone have any instructions for removing the trim to give me access to the 12v wiring?

There are two fuse panels on the passenger side. You need to find an always on fuse on the lower panel. Feeding the wire up to the mirror is not hard. Just push the wire under the trim around the windscreen. Don't remove any trim.


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Inside the mirror assembly is a switched live (no perm live) takes a bit more effort but a lot cleaner install if you don't need permanent live.


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Thanks for the replies.
I’ve followed other threads and located fuse panels, and installed the cam with wires tucked away.
I have a mini 0905, so just have the one ‘power’ lead running to the gps base. I’ve got myself a hard-wire kit now too.

Does anyone know which fuse I can use for a switched live? All the ones in the footwell that’d id have assumed we’re switched are perm.


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The bank with 5A fuses are all switched. Sorry, I don't remember which specific bank it is from the top of my head. Maybe B?