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B9 Audi RS4 Vs Mercedes A45S AMG shocking!

AudiBoss Oct 2, 2020

  1. AudiBoss

    AudiBoss Registered User

    Hi guys what do you make of this? Has anyone driven the new A45S AMG?

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  3. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Tbh last a45 I drove it was absolutely awful in every way & the S3 8V I tried not soon after made it look pathetic, so tbh I'd be surprised this is that good all round, it maybe fast but there's allot more to a car than pace these days.
  4. Rab.

    Rab. Back To decent Mpg ... Gold Supporter

    Be interesting to see the Weight diffrence between them...
  5. Stevo5

    Stevo5 Registered User

    Well you’ve done well to watch anything that chimp boy Archie Hamilton produces. Jabbering gobsh1te trustafarian that make my hands itch
    Different gearing in the A45 and will be slightly lighter I think.
    I owned the previous one and hands down it was the worst car I ever owned. Overrated and a rip off.
    They handle well and look good. That’s as good as it gets.
    The 2 litre 4 cyl engine sounds tinny and you have to rev the nuts off it to get anywhere.
    The exhaust note sounds ****-especially for an AMG
    The new one looks to be an improvement but yet again the whole single big turbo thing means you have turbo lag from hell. You have to master a ‘soft launch’ just to get it to move. That gets old really really quickly and pulling out of junctions is a sphincter clenching affair-you’re in this supposedly amazing ‘hyper hatch’ and it’s crawling along waiting to come on boost....meanwhile you’re nearly rear ended.
    Plus then they attract a bit of a chav crowd. When you see people driving the same car as you with hoods up/snap back on slouching in the seat and blaring music (unless that’s your thing) then that was yet another nail in the coffin for me. I’ve had a few hot/hyper hatches and it’s not my thing anymore. RS4 is a much classier ride regardless. Merc is bling and not that well built frankly.
    In the end I looked for any excuse NOT to drive my A45. After 8 painful months I got rid and took a huge bath getting out of the deal.
    They are not worth the money. Not even close.

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