B9.5 10.5 inch MMI Screen Rattle


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My 2020 A4 with 800 miles just developed a rattle that seems to emanate from the MMI screen over rough pavement. I can also reproduce by tapping the dash with my first right next to the screen. It sounds like there's a loose coin inside. If I hold the screen with my other hand while tapping the noise does not happen.
Has anyone experienced this and were they able to DIY a fix? I'd hate to make a dealer trip just for this but it will drive me bonkers.

Thx in advance.


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I would not risk touching it if it breaks big bill get the dealer to fix worth it in the end. Unusual my screen is solid no movement or rattle


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Unfortunately you have no choice but to have the work done under warranty...


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Definitely take it back to the dealer. If it reproduces easily they will get it fixed for you no problem.