B8 S4


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Had a go in one of these during the week (bosses company car) and what can I say, first time driving an auto never mind a performance model and apart from making a prat of myself as I moved it out of the car park (oh look somebody's coming and I need to stop, 2 foot stomp on the brake pedal forgetting there's no clutch, head nearly hits windscreen) a couple of times :thumbsup: it was far easier to drive than I imagined after remembering the 1 foot rule.

Took it on a good 60 mile round motorway journey and still cant stop grinning, that moment when you first step on the loud pedal and hang on had me giggling like a child all day, managed to find a quiet straight 60mph road on the way back with the colleague I was with and we enjoyed a sport mode sprint from near zero to ahem slightly naughty speed in no time at all, really enjoyed it, just kept it in auto though couldn't be bothered playing with manual on this occasion, shame I don't think I could ever afford to live with one never mind the fuel consumption, 1/3 tank in 60 miles :wtf:and that was mostly motorway cruising at 80ish.

One thing i'm just curious about though, do these all have launch control without drive select? never tried it as was my first go in one and didn't fancy breaking something given what they cost but was just wondering if you turn the ESP off and take off in manual would it work or do you need the drive select with dynamic to do it (purely for future info not that I want to try if I ever get the chance again)


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lol 1/3 tank in 60 miles? dang! so that's probably 180 miles/full tank on a good day lol


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Apparently so, the owner reckons he's getting 190 before searching for fuel desperately, not sure if he keeps it in sport mode constantly or what but damn, it's only done about 2500 miles so maybe not run in but still the claimed range shocked me as well, maybe it will calm down once you get out of the habit of booting it in order to listen to "that" noise, if it was mine I can understand why you would when beside people.


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I thought the RS4 used 200 per tank... for an S4 thats nuts.


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Sounds like a seriously sick S4, I travel from my home in County Durham to Eurotunnel distance of 314 miles on a full tank.
Always fill up at the Shell station just prior to Eurotunnel.


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I normally get around 300 miles from a tank (56 litres is the most I've been able to get in) which is mostly around town driving with a 10 mile A19 blast each day. If you stick to 70 on the motorway (as you should!) you can easily get over 30 mpg, I drove from Aberdeen to Newcastle on Friday and averaged 29 mpg which is far better than my mate gets from his RS4 over the same route.

The car is far from economical but I would have bought a diesel if that was my main priority.