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B8 RS4 - what’s it like as an everyday?

kolash Aug 29, 2020

  1. kolash

    kolash Registered User

    Thinking of losing my 8V FL S3 Sportback for a B8 RS4 as want something bigger and more “special”.

    What’s the B8 like as an everyday car? I’m
    not so worried about running costs or fuel as I do max 5k miles a year.

    Like most I have never owned a 4 litre V8 (but grin ear to ear at the thought). Reviews from the time of launch talk about how the power is all at high revs, but day to day I will not be hammering it. The S3 is great for my driving style and the odd burst. Does the B8 feel average or even sluggish at lower revs? Interested to hear from anyone that has had one for a decent amount of time.

    still looking for a decent one to test drive. Most examples available now have 30-40k miles. What sort or faults or servicing issues should I be considering at this age and mileage?

    cheers guys
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  3. miatang

    miatang Registered User

    Definately an engine that needs to be revved to exploit its power. I went from a S4 to the RS4 and noticed the lack of low down torque but further up the rev range well.... Saying that putting it into dynamic mode and the gearing helps to negate the lack of low down torque.

    Dont get me wrong it will putter around fine on the everyday
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  4. D-Berg

    D-Berg Registered User

    So I just had the same thoughts you have..
    Coming from a low power torque monster A6 Allroad v6 TDI I was a bit worried but decided that I’ll go for it.
    Got my Suzuka grey -15 RS4 yesterday and I can confirm that lack of torque is not a big problem
    The costs involved with having this as a daily will most likely be astronomical, but hey, you only live once:)
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  5. kolash

    kolash Registered User

    :tearsofjoy: good for you. I’ve not taken the plunge yet. Put off by running costs and going to an older car...every car I’ve ever bought has been newer than that last. Kidding myself saving for a 2018 B9!

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