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B8 rs4 19s vs 20s

TaylorB8 Jun 15, 2020

  1. TaylorB8

    TaylorB8 New Member

    hi, so I am soon to be collecting a b8 selangor blue rs4 currently sat in 20s.

    I live in Devon and the roads like most places are riddled with potholes.. i currently run 19s on my e92 m3 and don't have to much worry when it comes to using it daily.

    My concern is with the lower profile tyre in the 20s Im going to flap abit more when driving g the rs4. Also for aesthetic reason being a bigger car will 19s look good?? I won't be lowering the car at all.

    Does anyone run 19s and if so could you show be a picture. Ive searched but seem to always come up with b7s haha. Any in put would be appreciated!

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  3. youdame86

    youdame86 New Member

    Stick with 20’s, they are worth it. They look that much better

    As for potholes, I live in Hong Kong so I sympathize when u talk about UK’s pothole-laden B-roads; if u are in the market for improving your handling as well as solving this pothole issue, best way is to install a strut brace, swap out coil overs and also a new set of anti roll bars. Speaking from experience, this will vastly solve your pothole problem. OEM coilovers are quite **** on the B8 RS4; Bilstein PSS10 are quite good (currently running them) as the car is heavy enough.

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  4. TaylorB8

    TaylorB8 New Member

    Yeah I have stuck with the 20s but tbh after owning the car for about 5 weeks now the improvement in comfort compared to my e92 m3 is vast! Despite the 20s. Tyre noise is abit more noticeable but thats probably due to the square set up!

    Thanks for your reply

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