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B8 Front Grill??

Adam Stephenson Sep 9, 2015

  1. Adam Stephenson

    Adam Stephenson New Member

    Some assistance, information or wise old owl knowledge please. Be gentle..

    I'll hold my hands up and say I'm new to the Audi world so I'm virtually in nappies and coming into the world.

    Directly below I have my current 2010 A4 Allroad B8.

    I'll admit before you scroll down that I'm in to personalisation (tasteful modifying). Some people need not scroll as its against the grain to their morals and I respect that but my morals are firm in 'Each To Their Own'

    I'm after some information regarding front grills. As can be seen from above the grill houses (what i think) an unattractive number plate holder, sitting proud of the grill and the car.

    I'm looking for a grill similar to the one displayed below with the vertical veins and no number plate mounting.

    Is there a website/company who can supply and can it actually be done?

    I realise the year of the below is a 2013 model and mine is 2010 and possibly U.S spec but any ideas?.

    I've searched the web to no avail and wondered if anyone on here can help.


    I will at this point state that the above is something along the lines of what I'm heading for.

    Booking in for Airlift/Accuair suspension early next year and trawling through the web & catelogues looking for some wheels I like.

    Cheers for looking and apologies for length of post, thought I should explain myself considering this will be the virginal post (after newbies).
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  3. OliNix

    OliNix Active Member

    Pretty sure that is nearly the same as the Vossen demo car, perhaps drop them an email?
  4. Adam Stephenson

    Adam Stephenson New Member

    Thanks for the info, I may as well do that..

    Seen a few have it on and didn't think of messaging the owners, lol.

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