B8 A4 TFSi Cooling fan staying on


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Nov 27, 2014
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Hi all,

New to the forum and Audi's. Recently bought a 1.8 TFSi 160, loving the car so far.

However I've noticed the fan has been staying on for a few mins when i stop after any sort of spirited driving, now this wouldn't be unusual for driving in urban traffic but this is after motorway or B road runs where temp's have been around freezing the last while! Temp gauge never moves above 90C and the car is running perfectly. It does have around 110k miles on the clock but was bought with FSH and was extemely well cared for.

Just wondering is this normal for the fan to stay on or could it be a sensor or something acting up?

Havent got a chance to get the car scanned yet.
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Before I had my diesel remapped and the DPF deleted it would leave the fans on if it had been in the middle of a regen when you stopped. As however yours is a petrol it doesn't sound right to me. I should get the car scanned ASAP and check the various coolant temp readings in the measureing blocks.
The temperature gauge on the car is slightly misleading as it's set up so that as long as the engine temp is anywhere between about 80 and 100 it will sit on 90. Thats why it always appears to be the same all year round.

Sometimes mine does this. I keep an eye on the coolant. Got it scanned the other week and there wasn't anything relating to this.
Maybe its just the norm then? Seems unusual though. The only time any of my previous cars would do this was when I was stuck in traffic for a long time.
I think that if the turbo gets too hot the fans stay on after you turn the engine off to help cool it down. Usually happens if you rag it. Try driving like a granny for the last few miles of your trip and see if it still happens.
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Cheers for the replies guys, I read in the manual that it's normal for the fan to stay on for up to 10mins. It doesn't do it all the time.

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