B8.5 S5 vs B5.0 S4


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Jan 22, 2003
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Last night a familiar-looking car pulled up beside me at the lights. I looked over and saw the S4 badge on the rear. It was the old style badge so I could see that the car was a pre-facelift B5 S4 avant. Since my previous car was a stage 2 B5.5 S4, I was quite keen to see the performance difference. As the video shows he was creeping forwards whilst the light was red so it seemed that he wanted to find out as well!

I'm not sure what to make of the comparison. My S5 is stock and if his is too the it was my 188bhp/tonne vs his 169bhp/tonne. When he overtook me he must have been doing more than 100mph. That's pure guesswork on my part because I never speed and as you can see it was a dual carriageway with a central reservation so that's a 70mph limit.

What do you think? Was he trying or not?

You tube link

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id say you caught him napping lol, you were off like a scalded cat :)
@Dippy - Could be something to do with the
me thinks buddy
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