b8 2010 2.0tfsi Quattro S-tronic service / new sump question


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Mar 25, 2017
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Hi, I have fresh oil ATF leak from my S-tronic.
Appears to be corner of sump gasket seal and possibly from a rust (pourus ) area on gearbox sump pan.

Audi confirmed this and made a nice video of their evaluation.
But I’m confused as I though the standard Audi servicing of the S-tonic involves drain, take off sump, replace filter, clean inside sump pan and magnets, replace gasket seal and refil ATF etc.

But the are saying it’s only drain, replace an exterior accessible filter and refil ATF.

Every guide I’ve seen has taken off sump and put on a new seal on as part of the service. So I was questioning how an 18month seal has failed. Their answer was its never been changed, does not get changed as the service for this box is only oil and filter change without taking sump off.

My gearbox code is on book is MNA MSA , I think it’s the second generation of S-tronic as I understand first versions pre 2010 were sealed for life.

Anyone who can shed some more informed light on this would be great.

And quoted £480 for new sump & seal fitted and ATF oil drain / refill. Which seems ok for main dealer.