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B7 rs4 recaros into b6 memory function?

Lizard821000 Nov 11, 2019

  1. Lizard821000

    Lizard821000 Registered User

    Hi chaps

    need some help , bought and fitted some Euro rs4 b7 recaros into my b6 avant , they are full leccy and heated and memory !

    now my old b6 seats were all that except for the heat! So I bought some kufatec looms for the heating to work and the climate panel etc

    the problem Iv got is the memory module and harness are on the wrong sides due to them being euro! So Iv lost my memory function but all the other leccy works

    I was hoping I could just swop the module over from seats but been told the harnesses differ slightly so the whole harness needs swopping over , will that work? Can you swop over left/right harness and still have it working as it should or are the harnesses and modules left/right specific?? Don’t wanna spent all that time swopping over and both seats won’t work like

    any help cheers guys

    ps , these rs4 seats also have rear bench heating so will run the extra loom for them too while at it
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  3. Lizard821000

    Lizard821000 Registered User

    Can anyone help me out with this ? Please chaps

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