B7 RS4 Front centre armrest query


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I've seen a B7 RS4 for sale with a good spec apart from it doesn't have a front centre armrest fitted. How easy/difficult is it to fit one, are they still available as an Audi part and how much should I expect to pay? Advice greatly appreciated guys.


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If it's like the S3, which it can't be too far from, it's a handful of bolts holding the centre console trim in place and then a pair of bolts to mount the armrest bracket. I'd also assume you can still buy them direct from Audi but price I really don't know.


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I tink a good RS4 deal would sway me without an armrest tbh :p


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Easy to fit, easy to buy, the toughest thing is matching the trim, if its black elather then it'll be no probs.