B7 RS4 Cab buying.. Help?


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I have a deposit on a 2006 B7 RS4 cab. Black with 53k on the clock priced at £17995.

Would that be a fair price to pay if its in good condition?

Ive been educating myself on the common faults and down falls (DRC, vac lines, disk and pads, aux rads, carbon build up etc etc).

Can anyone tell me if the B7 ever needed a running in service (say at 1500 miles like most BMW 'M' cars)?

Does anyone have the service / maintenance schedule outlining what needs doing at what time?

The car in question had its first service at 17k. I appreciate it was probably on long life but seems along time to go without an interim oil service.

Its had 5 previous owners.. Should I be worried?

Anything I should be specifically looking out for?

Im taking VCDS with me so should be able to scan for any faults.

Any help is hugely appreciated.



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My advice - buy a saloon or avant.

Seriously though, 17k before the first service seems a bit much even though I'm not aware of an early 'run in' service like the E46s had. Previous owners I wouldn't worry about, these cars change hands most commonly due to personal circumstances, or people only running them a year to say they've owned an RS. They also catch people out who think that since prices are sub-£20k, they'll cost the same to run as a new Golf.

You've already listed most of the common faults, so should know what to look out for. Another expensive but common fault is the seat side bolsters not inflating properly. Check that Sport Seats is ticked in the DIS menu, then press the S button and the seat should grip you round the waist. If not, hardly the end of the world, but the common repair is usually replacing the pump which can set you back hundreds of pounds.