B7 No. 3!!! a few questions for the experts


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I'm back in a B7 after a 3yr absence, after previously owning a B7 S4 Avant and also a B7 RS4 Avant.
I sold the RS4 a couple of years ago while I was moving house and now I'm back, after buying a 140 TDI S-Line Avant.
The new car is going to be project, as I am using it as a demonstrator for my vehicle wrapping business.

My main question is around coilovers and wheel fitment, I really want to lower it and fit a nice deep concave 19inch wheel, like a 3SDM 0.01 or Zito 935.

I'm going to be using the car everyday so I need to keep it as drivable as possible, has anyone done a similar setup? Can I get away with a 9.5 inch wide wheel front and back, or should I go for a staggered fit?

Thanks in advance.


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Yes you can get away with 9.5 all round. It all depends on the et of the wheel as to how far they stick out. But i personally like the staggered fitment.
As for coilovers it all depends on what your budget for them are.


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This is the look I want to achieve from what I can find out from a google search these are 19" but I can't tell from the photos if they are staggered or not,
As for the coilovers, I don't want to blow all my budget in one go, but I'm sure with suspension its a case of "you get what you pay for".
I'm sure there are a few people on here who have used the AP coilovers, I have read mostly good reviews about them.
Do you think I can get the sort of stance I'm looking for with a set of AP's?

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sure someone will correct me if im wrong, but you can get that sort of stance with any coilovers, budget or expensive. it all comes down to handling and comfort and durability in the end, cheeper wont be as good as expensive.
from those pictures i would say they are not staggerd, as they both appear to stick out the same distance and the concave is the same. which leads me to believe there both 9.5" all round. if staggered that fronts wouldnt have so much concave on them


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Cheers Jespy, looks like I'll be on the phone to DPM on Monday to get a set of APs on order!
I've had a good look over the threads for @Whopper 's saloon and @steve wallace 's avant, the 3SDM 0.01 is def the wheel for me, I really want to go for a 9.5x19 all round but I dont know if rubbing on the front is going to be a major issue, its my daily driver afterall.

@Whopper 's looks fantastic! but I think that ride height is a bit too low for me.

Has anyone got any tyre recommendations to go on a 9.5inch rim? 225/234? looks like I will need some stretch to get the stance and tuck right,