B7 Head Unit Replacement Suggestions Please?



I have one of these in my 2006 Avant

It has Bose with an amp and sub in the boot.
Now, it works and sounds very well but.........it is very erm, has no DAB and I can't connect my Android phone to it.
After driving the company's brand new Octavia, I need DAB - not want, need!!!!
So basically, something that will do what the original set up does, plus DAB, a 3.5mm diameter input, that works with the steering wheel controls AND the Bose system for under 300 would be good.

Answers on a postcard to..........
I'd also be interested in this or even what did you find that worked.
Not many of the aftermarket have DAB, you can find many with sat nav, ipod, dvd etc that are vehicle specific, You could get one of these & add a DAB interface that uses the head unit to display the station information. This is the unit I just fitted!
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