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B7 CCM module part number and functions / restrictions

Doru Brad May 25, 2020

  1. Doru Brad

    Doru Brad Registered User


    I have a A4, B7 2008, 140HP (left side steering), sline, front power windows only.

    I recently swapped my CCM as power windows where not working anymore. I coded the new one using VCDS to the specs of the car (as the modules was from a UK car). All was OK except the back doors where not locking anymore.

    With the old one they close and open without an issue.

    On the car I had 8E0959433CN but I found a 8E0959433CH and used that.

    1. Can someone tell me what CCM modules support back doors open/close also?
    2. Are there any specific model numbers that I need to look for? (like the ending CN, CH etc - is there a place where I can find a reference on what the modules do, or CAN DO to be more exact ?)
    3. Does this part need to be 1:1 with the old one ? (have in mind that I can do the VCDS coding)

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  3. Donfero

    Donfero Registered User

    Try another unit, this one could be faulty. I have heard of keys not working but windows this is the first time.

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  4. Doru Brad

    Doru Brad Registered User

    Yes, I am going to receive another one today. From reading around, it seems there are some modules that can work only with certain actuators or controllers (from the back windows, or door locks etc) -- so these codes are relevant, even if reprogrammed via VCDS to have the same functions still some do not work (like mine)
  5. tr7

    tr7 Registered User

    Is the best answer not replace the part with the same part/number?

    You're mix matching parts and expecting them to work.
  6. Doru Brad

    Doru Brad Registered User

    Correct, that is the best, but I can't find 100% what was on my car. The issue is that I do not know for sure the part I had mounted was the correct one. I got the car with the power windows NOT WORKING :(

    8E0959433CN was on the car, power windows not working with it. Not sure if it is broken or anything

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