B7 Avant TDi Tyre recommendations...


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Hey guys,

I have a 55 plate B7 Avant 2.0TDi, which desperately needs new front tyres.

The car is on the same tyres I bought it with two years ago; they're Goodyear Eagle F1s, and they're great, but now the rears have worn in a sawtooth pattern and make a horrible rumbling noise at 25mph and 50mph. Basically, it ruins the car, but unfortunately money is a bit tight at the minute and they do have 4mm left on them...

So, the plan is to change the fronts now as they're worn, and then change the rears when I have a bit more cash later.

From reading around on the internet, it seems like the sawtooth thing is a trait of the car, but some tyres might be less susceptible. Does anyone have any recommendations please? I typically go for premium tyres, and it seems at the moment that Conti Sport Contact 3 and Michelin Primacy are good value at Halfords... are these any good?