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B7 Avant Brakes - not great!?!

dubdemand Sep 9, 2010

  1. dubdemand

    dubdemand VAG Addict

    Hi there,

    We've had our S Line Avant for a couple of weeks now and everytime I get in and drive it I can't help but notice that the brakes just don't feel as sharp as my Bm'er or my LCR which I owned before it, come to think about it our previous A2 was better as well!

    It will stop but you do need to be quite heavy on the pedal - is this normal or do I need to have a good look at the braking system and consider new pads/fluid?

    As always any help will be greatly appreciated :yes:
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  3. PetrolDave

    PetrolDave Registered User

    Has the brake fluid been replaced every 2 years? If not it will absorb water and make the pedal soft.
  4. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    The pads are probably all glazed up.

    You can try bedding them in again and see how that helps.

    Find a quiet bit of road, and brake from 60 to 5mph hard, but not so hard as to cause the ABS to engage, then accellerate back up to 60. Repeat this 10 times, then once you've done it take the car for a long drive to cool them down again. DO NOT stop when they're hot, or you can cause pad transfer and end up with "warped" disks. If you HAVE to stop for some reason, then brake to a few mph or so then release the pedal and let the car roll to a stop.

    You'll probably find the brakes will smell pretty bad towards the last few stops, ignore this, as thats exactly what your trying to achieve.

    Once they get hot enough, they'll burn off all the glazing and give you decent material back again.
  5. jimbo_123

    jimbo_123 Registered User

    B7 brakes are pretty much spot on - had no issues at all with them (mine are standard btw). Even the the mrs commented when she first drove it how responsive the brakes were! I dont need to be that heavy on the pedal to bring the car to a standstill from speed.

    Much better feel than my old 8L S3!
  6. dubdemand

    dubdemand VAG Addict

    Thanks chaps! I'm not sure when the fluid was last done so that might be in order and I'll also try re-bedding the pads to see if that helps...

    I'm certain they should be better than they are so this seems to be the best place to start!

    I've used Motul RBF600 fluid in the past with Ferrodo DS2500 pads - is this a good combination for the A4?

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