B7 A4 LEDs


Hi there,

I've recently purchased some LEDs off eBay (trying to save myself some money) and not happy with the brightness and quality of them so was hoping you could arrange something for me. I'm not sure entirely on what exact products you sell or anything but I'll tell exactly what I'm after anyway. I will be at AITP this weekend too, so it would be great if you could bring them all along with you for me to purchase on the day. Here is a list of the lights I'm after:
  • 4x Footwell Lights - I'm aware you do a specially made LED panel for these, but having seen 3 or 4 versions (4/8 SMDs) I'm not too sure what the brightness and price differences are between them. I'd like something bright but obviously don't want to be paying silly money for them at the same.
  • 1x Boot Light - As above.
  • 4x Puddle Lights - As above.
  • 1x Glove Compartment Light - As above (correct me if I'm wrong here).
  • 4x Red Door Warning Lights - I'm not sure whether these would make a huge difference for me or not but would definitely be interested in seeing them and the difference in person if possible. Again this would be dependant on price.
  • 2x Rear Map Reading Lights (BA9S) - The ones I purchased on eBay are quite long, which means the fitment isn't quite lined up correctly in the housing. Thus giving light output in the wrong position on the rear map reading lights.
  • 2x Front Courtesy Lights (41mm) - The colour output of the ones I have purchased off eBay are really blue and too bright! I'd like something not so intense and matching my map reading lights too if possible.
  • 2x Reversing Lights (P21W) - I'm actually after the CREE type ones as I've had these previously on my Golf. As the B7 has a canbus system, I get an error light if I use my old ones in the housing. I've been told it is not yet possible to have these types of bulbs as plug+play for error free operation. If this is the case I may be happy to settle for an alternative as long as they would be plug+play (not too keen on having resistor packs lying around).
  • 2x D1S 6000k - I read a post somewhere stating you sell these. What are the quality of the bulbs/ignitors like and are they branded at all? Do they come with any sort of warranty as I don't really want to be replacing them every year. Again these will have to be at the right price as I've been looking at Philips Extreme Blues as an alternative.
  • 2x Sidelights (501) - Already have a pair of these fitted but would consider buying some brighter ones for the right price.

Quite a big list there but I'm sure you can tick most the boxes. Look forward to hearing from you or seeing you this weekend.

Azeem (Sprint Blue A4 Quattro)