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For Sale B7 A4 Custom Boot Build with Rainbow Vanadium 10" Sub

badlydrunkboy Nov 3, 2017

  1. badlydrunkboy

    badlydrunkboy New Member

    I'm afraid that the time has come for me to get rid of my trusty 2005 A4 as scrappage for my new car but I have a pretty decent custom boot build which I was able to salvage . I'm looking to sell it, along with the Rainbow Vanadium 10" sub as the sub is the perfect fit for the enclosure.

    The whole system was built and installed by Lee at Sonic Frontiers as part of the Sonic Punch system and so is of the highest quality. It is only a few inches high in order to maximise boot space and is completely stealth, as you can see in the pictures, housing the custom built sub enclosure within the spare wheel and hiding amp out of view. The sub enclosure is quickly and easily removable so that the spare wheel is still usable. It will all fit neatly in and A4 sedan without any modification although there are 8 screws to further secure it to the chassis.

    The sub is amazing and sounded fantastic powered by my Audison SR5 (which I also have for sale)

    I'm looking for £300 for the lot.

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