b7 2.0tdi head gasket identification

lewis cann

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hey I'm new here
i just striped my engine down as i thought the head gasket had blown but in fact my had had malfunctioned between an exhaust port and water way.
in error tiding up i have thrown the old head gasket way and i don't know if there is a way of find out if mine is a 1 2 or 3 hole head gasket! does any one know how i can tell or if a main dealer will know.
its a 2.0 140 BLB 55 plate

thanks in advanced


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Most likely it was a 2 hole head gasket but i always replace The head gasket to The next size up so I will fit a 3 hole in your case. There are no ill effect to dropping the Compression ratio although is not the best way to do that ! You should experience a smoother, quieter running engine after rebuild. I would stress you have a look at the balancer shaft module and upgrade to the sprocket type module and 100mm hex key drive, you're running on borrowed time if you don't repair it !