B6 TDI Sport Wheel Fitment.


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Looking at changing my wheels on the B6.

Can anyone please confirm if the following wheels will fit the B6 without any requirements for spacers or spigot rings?

Donor car; AUDI A6 C6 2009 2.0 TDI
8J X 18 ET 48

Tyres are 245/40 R18



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Got my doubts, I’ve got S line 18” on mine, there 8j et 43 with 235/40/18s on and they just fit
Cheers, I just just found a useful wheel fitment calculator https://www.willtheyfit.com/ to make a direct comparison between existing and proposed and it confirms;

Compared to your existing wheel, this new wheel will have an inner rim which is 18.7mm closer to the suspension strut. The outer rim will poke out 6.7mm more than before.


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My guess is that it will rub the strut and if you put spacers on then they will stick out to far and possibly rub especially on the front on full lock