B6 S4 good or bad


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[h=2]re s4 avant B6 good or bad[/h]
Hi, I have been considering buying a B6 s4 avant 6 speed and would like some info if you have owned one . I at present have an A4 B7 3.0ltr Tdi avant quattro 6 speed manual box. apart from fuel consumption will i have made a big mistake. Thanks.​

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You have made a big mistake mate! :) What you should of done is wait for me to put my 2.5tdi quattro sport up for sale (later tonight or tomorrow) which is a full s4 replica with a full rs4 interior! That way you could have all the looks of an s4 but with the fuel consumption that your used to with your current tdi! :salute:


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Keep your tdi, I had a B6 S4 avant, mates got a B7 3.0 tdi & it is lovely, better than the S4 imho plus great fuel economy :)


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I am biased so I will say its a good car. Not cheap to run but they are fast enough and do make make a fantastic noise, especially with an aftermarket exhaust system. It's all up to personal choice and preference really and what you actually want from a car and want it to do.

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I've had mine for year now and love it. It's not that bad on fuel when driven sensibly at times and cheaper on tax than newer models. Great low down torque but with top end sparkle the diesel won't give you. It's deceptively quick, may be a little boring because of the linear power delivery and solid build quality. Obviously an after market exhaust can liven that for you but I personally don't want the drone when i'm just cruising at my old man pace to work. My pennies worth!

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do it, i love ours especially now it has the milltek on it. as said the fuel doesn't have to be runinous i just try to avoid really short trips (have a 106d for this its a right old tos**r but serves a purpose!) hold the s4 in fourth gear and watch most things disappear plus they also have a better spec straight out of the box


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Can't comment on an A4 as I've never owned one (dsmclark40v has an S4 now but did own some sort of A4).

The S4 is pretty immense - especially for the money.

It really does feel wrong for someone on my average wage to have something so powerful and luxurious.

All the time I get TDis thinking they're special cos their 2.5 or whatever has got a decent amount of torque. You'd be surprised at how much torque petrol engines develop when they're the size of an S4's (or turbocharged). The pickup is immense, even when you're one or two gears too high.

I should be getting a Milltek cat-back this week (cheers, Sam) so the power, luxury and the full-blown V8 noise really do make up for the fuel outlay.


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Good, simple :blackrs4:
Sorry, to expand on that, very very good, excellent in fact. Does that help?


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Hi, i had quite expected the replies to say Don't be a fool thinking of changing from diesel to a V8 petrol, So for now i will still keep thinking about it . Thanks


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Thee best car I have ever had the pleasure of driving... A must :)