B6 S4, B6 3,0 V6 Used Dual-Mass Flywheels Wanted.


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G'day guys! :salute:

I need a couple of used dual-mass flywheels, one off an S4 (4,2L V8 BBK) and one off a 3,0 V6.

It doesn't matter what state they're in, as long as they're intact. I don't intend to fit them to cars, they're merely for R&D.

I'll of course pay for them to be collected, or use my own couriers to pick them up. The results will no doubt be valuable to the ASN community, especially owners of B6 / B7 S4's, and 3,0L V6 models.

Thanks guys! :thumbsup:


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Whats R&D??

I dont have 1 but I'm curious as to what your going to use them for?




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sorry had to give my old one in when new one was fitted, surcharge.