B6 avant s line rear bumper question


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Don't think there is a B6 diesel S-Line as standard. S-Lines were all 1.8Ts around 04 ish.


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You mean will a S-Line lower section for the rear mate to the SE upper section? I imagined that it would, but reading on a US forum, someone said it can't as the S-Line/USP/GMBH is narrower...

On the same thread someone also claimed that they fitted an avant lower bumper section to a saloon and found it an identical fit, which seems to go against what everyone says.


It's all about the V8.
Mines a diesel with the GMBH/S-Line kit (no tail pipe cut outs).
The GMBH valance can be fitted to the standard upper bumper but its not a direct fit, it will need bonding on. You'd be better off getting the complete bumper it'll be easier to fit.


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cheers guys,yes i was talking about the diesel gmbh lower rear without cut outs fitting onto an se or sport model like mine which i take are the same!
i got my eye on a full bumper but it has the reverse sensors holes in and i cant be bothered to cover the holes and bog them up!

Paul @ Unit 9 Remaps

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i fitted my lower section GMBH from this to this no problems

IMG_1107 by paul26982, on Flickr



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I bought a s line rear bottom half of the bumper with twin cut outs for my a4 - still at the bodyshop having it fitted,

Bought brand new in primer.

Will post pics as soon I get it back!


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The s-line rear lower bumper section will fit without any mods required, I have done it to my 52 plate sport.......