B6 2.7 Twin Turbo B5 Engine Swap


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What a magnificent project which you realized!
It is impressive of details and obligatorily!
A warm congratulations, I allowed to share this link on my French fourm.


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this is so much win, have engine envy but you did the hard work for it!
What brand of adapters you go with?
I have always been a little hesitant to take the dive as all the ones that aren't reported to crack are allot of dollar (but I guess you pay that to keep your wheels attached!)
Sorry for the lack of replying, adapters are from eBay billet alloy, I've torqued them and marked them for movement as I'm also nervous about them, so far nothing to report and I often kick the crap out of the car


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Hey, if you're still around here, how hard would u say this is to do for your average mechanic? Have a friend owns a garage and worked on cars in general for 20 years plus, having had experience removing and fitting engines, has the cradles etc, plus has experience building MKII Escorts from scratch so that includes wiring etc. I'm interesting in putting a b5 2.7 turbo into a b6 ordinary saloon. I know there's a guide on audizine which states different things need doing in the transplant to b6 cars with different motors, ie the s4 itself, the 18.t and I think a diesel version. What sort of time frame would you rougly estimate with all the parts to hand? TIA


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Do you, by chance, have the part number for the heat shield you added for the driver side rail? Also where did you get the billet gas return line plug?


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Nice project you've done makes a good read.. I was wondering would anyone on here know if the whole 2,7 biturbo quattro A6 b6 plant fit in to the a4 b6 which is 1.9tdi Quattro?


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Very old post, though I’ll post this:

“The 11.3mm spacer is NOT required to fit the gearbox to the 2.7T motor. It’s not an adapter plate.

It’s merely required to provide clearance between the clutch pressure plate and transmission / clutch housing, if the flywheel and clutch stack height exceeds 86mm.”