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For Sale B5 Rs4 - possible p/x with B8 S4 avant

coullstar Jan 10, 2019

  1. coullstar

    coullstar Registered User

    Ive been thinking about this for the last 6-8 months so just thought Id put an add up and see what happens. Ive had 50+ cars in my lifetime but this is the hardest one to think about selling.

    If you have time my members thread is linked, it has the progression of me owning the car since Ive had it - https://audisrs.com/avus-b5-rs-t32825.html

    Basically Ive owned the car coming up for 7 years. I have a massive history file and managed to trace back most of previous owners. I think Im the 5th. I have just lost the love for the car a little now and want to reduce the number of cars in the household to simplify things, I feel Ive changed everything to this car I wanted to and have had many amazing trips so possibly time to move on and let someone else have the fun and look after it. Im looking for a B8 S4 avant to replace it so if your interested please get in touch.

    Basic details and mods are :
    117k miles
    Avus with black roof rails.
    Hi-tech interior - piano black trim with alcantara wheel and WOT motorsport weighted gearknob.
    KW1 coilovers.
    Wagner 3in DP with cats.
    Jetex exhaust - currently fitted with straight custom middle section for a little more noise although Im looking to refit middle silencer. Still have original exhaust.
    KWE Intercoolers and shrouds - Essentially same size and wagners. Ducts are fiberglass and needed trimming down.
    B7 Front Brakes - New about 3000miles ago. (Still have original brakes)
    Neuspeed rear ARB.
    Viper Map with flatshift and launch control - I have a remote mapping tool that was bought to allow me to remote map tweek from Ricj at Viper and this still have the previous maps installed one of which was the base MRC map that was on the car when I bought it. Car has been dynoed 3-4 times over the years and has consistently been at 470-490bhp with very good fuelling and boost.

    I have mostly serviced the car since I have had it with a spreadsheet of what and when was carried out. I have kept receipts for pretty much everything. It would take an age to go through everything so best go through my members thread as most of it is in there and contact me for more info as I want to keep advert fairly concise. When ever I have replaced items its been with quality or genuine components.

    Its and honest solid car I would say that has served me well over approx. 30k miles. It uses next to no oil and very rarely has had any issues at all.
    However as with any car this age there are areas that need some attention or you should be aware off, the car is totally usable as it is so these can be worked on over time. I had planned on addressing these over the winter but just haven't had time or enthusiasm to be totally honest.
    Main issues are:
    Bodywork - generally this is in reasonable condition but it is showing signs of it age. No major rust to speak off but a few small spots needing looked at. Rear bumper needs repainted as do the sills from wear and tear. Front bumper has some very small cracks from a previous repair and doesn't fit perfectly.
    Engine & box - Again generally very good running car that has given me very few issues as its regularly serviced. Rad has a small leak but I have a replacement to fit. From very cold and if not used for a couple weeks in winter it does have a noisey tappet but this disappears when warm and not noticeable during summer months. 1st gear is a little noisy but has been like this since Ive had it and has not gotten any worse, spoke to MRC when I first got it and they said it was most likely minor teeth damage and only to worry if it got louder. As said its not any worse since the day I bought it.
    Suspension - Front drivers side does have a rattle but I cant trace it, its gone through 2 MOT's like that so nothing major. ABS ring has broken on one of the rear shafts but I have a replacement full shaft to swap out.
    Wheels - Ideally need refurbed. All new good brand tyres just fitted.
    Interior - Again general wear and tear in the usual places. Hazard switch trim has a small chip out of it. RNS-d head unit, the aerial wire has broken at some point in the past so a new aerial is wired in and sits above rearview mirror.

    That's all I can think off. Its needing a little work on it but nothing major and one that someone can work on over time. As mentioned Im downsizing and concentrating on the other cars we have as I feel Ive spread myself too thin. I realise that that I wont be able to replace with anything as capable but would like this to go to someone who will give it the time and attention it deserves.

    Taking everything into account Id be looking for £13950 for the car.

    Anything else please ask and I can get more photos. Note if you do come and take it for a test drive you will want to buy it so have the money ready [​IMG]

    Based near Aberdeen

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