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B5 quattro (2.5tdi) rear brake upgrade

avants2turbo May 17, 2018

  1. avants2turbo

    avants2turbo New Member

    looking to upgrade the rear brakes on my a4, its a facelift b5.5 2.5 tdi quattro 1999 V reg

    I think it currently has the 245mm solid 10mm discs, but has the later b6 calipers fitted (they have been modified, the position of the handbrake retainer has been rotated to match the original calipers, it has the later style brake hoses with the 12mm banjo bolt, but its incredibly close to the rear CV joints

    I would like to fit a larger disc to move the caliper further out, anyone have any ideas what carrier and disc I can use?

    Ive seen the later cars use either a (original disc 10mm 48mm height)
    255mm, 12mm thick, 39,9mm height
    288mm, 12mm thick, 39.9mm height

    what carrier would be needed for either of these discs? obviously the carrier would need spacing 8mm to accommodate the difference of height

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