B5 presence at ADI with a bit of a swap shop


I want your faulty electronics
I can't leave her home, she is looking forward to it too much,lol
Canon mate. I soooo wanted that 70-200 you sold,lol

Thats cool. never thought women liked going to car shows.

The 70-200 IS L F2.8? :)


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I will be coming along in the new wagon. If anyone has a ABS controller suitable for a 2000 A4 1.8TQS let me know as I could pay and collect on the day. Also after a pair of interior front door trims in silver - must be mint condition.


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I'll probably have mine with me. If I can get a new lead, it's stopped working since I scanned my airbags. Think I killed it... :(

However if anyone wants a key coding or wants their skc retrieving, I can still do that :D


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ive got a few bits i could bring along if anyones interested

as new tdi instrument cluster 98/99

Hi I'm after a DIS as mine is dead. Dead you have a fully functional one for sale? Please pm me with a price
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