B5 1.9tdi conversion to 1.8t


Mag cover car builder now in 2 Audi Avants
Hi all.

Been a while since ive ventured onto the forums but im hoping there is the answer here needed to aid in my build.

I saving a sentimental A4 which my grandad owned since new. Its solid however the engine is toast. With there only really being 1 option for it (standard was pointless and i didnt want back into the show car world) and that was to make it into a bit of fun. So the sunday blast/track car was formed.

Now to keep things relatively cost effective i thought swapping a 1.8t into the car would be the way to go.

Now although this is true its not entirely as plug and play as i hoped. Fuel wise ive done tank and pump, engine will fit fine etc etc. Heres where i come unstuck....

My car is a 2000 DBW TDi model. The engine as its seems most where is a AEB cable version. Problem no.1. Next issue is the loom. Both mounted under the ecu from each car mine has 5 plugs the 1.8t has 4 and these are no way the same. I understand the plugs are for diesel specific like glow plug etc.

Anyway. My question to you guys. Now with dbw to cable and new shell to old loom - diesel to petrol whats my best step?

Ive briefly looked into the me7 ecu swap. I understand a bit of this but will it solve all my issues? Or am i still going to be engine and shell unconnected?

Any info would br greatly appreciated.




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