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B5 1.9tdi ajm rough start when cold.

lowanslow91 Oct 18, 2018

  1. lowanslow91

    lowanslow91 New Member

    Hi guys

    Having an issue with my b5. Car is a 1.9tdi ajm engine code. Currently having issues with cold start.

    Bit of a background to the car..

    Was using coolant and after replacing expansion bottle and cap and new genuine thermostat I finally bit the bullet and replaced the headgasket. While the head was off it got:
    new gasket
    skimmed head
    new cam set, buckets, valve stems etc due to wear
    fitted a set of 130bhp injectors with new seals etc (still to be mapped in when I put a hybrid turbo in next month)
    all bolts replaced
    new oil and filter as per

    car has also been recently serviced with new fuel filter

    After fitting all this the car has developed a rough start first thing in the morning or when its been sitting for long periods of time ie when i'm in work. Once up and running if stopped again the car starts fine and drives great.
    Now I know this can be the tandem pump on the back of the head but I replaced that with a brand new pump and gasket from darkside developments when I purchased the car last year as it was doing the same thing with the rough start. So i'm hoping its not the pump as they aren't cheap!

    Had the car on a computer and it was showing a coolant temp fault so I fitted a new sensor from TPS last weekend hoping that would cure it.....which it did not.

    So i'm running out of ideas and really hope its not the tandem pump again. The next thing i'm going to look at are the glowplugs, however they aren't throwing a fault up when diagnostics are done.
    I'm also wondering could it be due to the injectors not being mapped in as they are 130bhp injectors, again however they don't throw a fault when on the computer either.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. cheers

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