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B&O speaker crackle

CarbonMike May 15, 2018

  1. CarbonMike

    CarbonMike Registered User

    So last few days one of the speakers has randomly started crackling/ popping ig theres a decent amount of bass put throught it.

    Using the front/rear & left/right faders Ive narrowed it down the main speaker in front passenger door.

    It has Audi concert headunit with B&O surround. Does it when playing CD (best song ive found to get it to do it was Double Barrel by Dave & Ansel Collins of all things!) But also does it a little when on radio.

    Doing some googling it appears its a common thing in A3's a few years back...

    What, if any is the fix for this?

    Audi can supply a "speaker" of some description for £57+vat but couldnt at that time garantee it was the B&O part of OE pov spec speaker.
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  3. Rfclowry

    Rfclowry Registered User

    Hi mine was the amp in the boot being water damaged, had to send it away to bose expert repair in Edinburgh, spot on service. 1/4 price of a new one.

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