B&O opinion on latest (2022-) Audi A5


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Jan 14, 2021
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Hi All, Just wanted an idea on whether the B&O option is worth it on the latest A5 and if any had sat in both to hear any differences? Currently have an A3 with B&O, had a A5 Sportback 35TDI as a courtesy for about 5 full days while the A3 was in for a software update. Considering A5 as the next car. The A5 had the stock 8 speaker setup (I think). Now I didn't think the A3 B&O was all that wow despite it's 15 speakers, it was good, say a B+. I thought my previous car Volvo V40 with 'only 8 speakers' and 4x45w stock underseat amp was a bit better (A-). I used the same usb for music between A3 and A5, and the sound was atrocious! Doesn't matter how I moved the bass/treble slider. Even my other half who never comments on music sound quality, stated 'it sounds so bad.'
Did I just get a bad stereo (maybe someone pushed volumne too hard, afterall it's a courtesy car). I believe that it's only stock 8 speaker or B&O, there isn't an Audi Sound System option. My opinion was that the A5 stock sound system was a C+ at best. Would the B&O option on A5 be perhaps an A-? or that's wishful thinking?
Just got my A5 with BandO

I had an A3 8V prior to this with BandO as well

I actually think the A3 sounded better. A lot clearer and less muddled. Not much in it though and both still sound good

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