B&O/AMI - Poor Sound Quality Via Bluetooth


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Hi All,

I have recently purchased an S3 8v, it has the B&O speakers along a technology package. When playing music from a CD, the sound is fantastic. However, when playing music via bluetooth you can frequently hear crackling/static even at modest volume levels. I have ensured that the input volume is at default (50%) etc and the issue still occurs.

I am confused, as in my old car I purchased a £10 Taotronics bluetooth receiver and that didn't have the quality issues. For reference, I am playing the same music via the same device (iPhone 8) when hearing the issues on the B&O/AMI.

Given this is meant to be a premium sound system, it is disappointing that it is easily beaten by a £10 adaptor and a basic Ford sound system.

Any advise or suggestions welcomed! Thanks in advance :)


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Hi, congratulations on your purchase, S3 with tech pack sounds great.

Do you have USB connection available? You might get better sound quality if you connect via USB, although I’ve had a few problems myself

I’ve recently bought an A3 saloon with the B&O speakers, at first it sounded AMAZING, then I had a fault with the MMI system and had to reset it, since then I’ve never been able to get the same sound quality, it’s almost as if it’s gone quieter.

When playing the radio it’s fine but when plugging my iPhone in through the USB it just doesn’t sound the same as it did which is a bit frustrating.


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Thanks! I'm still enjoying it and still grinning :D Apologies on the delayed reply! I have now purchased an Audi cable to connect my iPhone and when using the that the audio is crystal clear and perfect (just like using a CD). There is clear distortion when using Bluetooth with my phone, it needs to go to the dealer for an oil change so I will mention it then and see what they say.

I can relate regarding the volume, but adjusting the input volume to max seems to balance it out for me (I have tested at all levels, this is not the cause of the distortion).

Tom Morgan

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Please let me know if you ever resolved this! Mine went into dealer twice for this exact same problem - came back still faulty every time.