Awesome 3.0tdi remap


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Visited the Awesome lads this week & had the V6 mapped. The boys as always do a sterling job & always take the timeout to chat & make you feel welcome

The car is now insane. I really didnt think anything could match the S3 in terms of grunt but by god does it shift. Very pleased & even noticed an increase in MPG.

Chuffed to bits


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I take it the A5 has arrived Dave I embarrased a guy in a Focus ST going past Middlebrook the other week. I bet he wont be telling his mates about the day an oil burning estate showed him what for.


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Without wanting to sound thick, where did you get it done? I need mine doing next month and am weighing up all the options. How much did the map set you back?

V6 Quatt

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Need mine doing too this summer, good to hear good feedback as I was a bit confused who to use

mine is a A4 3.0 TDI 233 bhp Quattro

What differences have you noticed??[

QUOTE=Blackie;1817298]Yes matey its arrived.

Awesome Gti in Cadished did the remap £299 all in for the tdi[/QUOTE]