AVS Servicing - Post your quotes and dealers here.


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At the suggestion of Mr Robinson (cheers David)

There seems to be a lot of threads popping up covering the same subject - Servicing costs.

So instead of having a new thread each time lets all post our quotes and dealership experiences here for all to see.

If this turns into a dealership bashing thread I'll remove it...

If you feel a dealer should be avoided please just say avoid or not recommended. If anyone wants further information take it offline and use PM's please.


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Leicester Audi first AVS on my 2.0TQ £205.94 all in.


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Specialist cars Audi Aberdeen-£222.70

Free collection and delivery and wash and hoover.

(Although it was half-intimated that it was a 'special' price to our company and Joe-public would pay more)

For routine servicing,cannot fault them.


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As I suggested the thread I had better add my bit....

Back in September 05 I was charged £184.24 for my 1st AVS Service. When I asked them for quote the other week (March 06) for comparison to the figures being quoted by others here on the forum they quoted £220. Could be related to the cost of the oil I suppose. Still a good figure compared with some that are being quoted.

The dealer concerned is Vindis Audi at Huntingdon - telephone 01480 45 45 45.

I have used this dealer for many years and have always been satisfied with the work they have done and the way I have been treated.

For information the Fleet Data spreadsheet on the Audi website allows 1.10 hours for the 1st AVS service and 1.6 hours for the 2nd.


right here we go, the breakdown

sump plug £0.95
oil filter £5.40
Filterelem £17.55
screen wash £3.12
longlife oil £76.56

and a wopping £171 for labour.

Comes in at £322 including VAT.

Got a lovely brand new 2L Turbo as a courtesy car and my car was ready when they said it would be.

All in all pretty good service, shame labout cost so much these days.





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These are all quotes I have received in the last 24 hours. Interestingly they are all part of the same group!

Stafford Audi - £290.00 and they charge £13 + VAT for a litre of oil

Stoke Audi - £260.00 and £13.50 for a litre of oil

Crewe Audi - £244.00, don't know how much for the oil



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John Fox (Nottingham) tried to charge me £219 yesterday before they realised I have the maintenance fixed cost servicing.

Even so not a bad price.


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just phoned around for some quotes for an 05 A3 3.2 Quattro DSG S-Line 1st year AVS service:

Stirling - £275
Edinburgh - £275
Glasgow - £295

(all incl oil and courtesy car)


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Here's mine. First service 2.0 TDI

Perth £ 220 ish, didn't give exact figure
Stirling £186

Went to Dundee, obviously. I should have the full breakdown. I'll dig it out and post up.


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Just got mine back from Hitchin Audi today. £308 inc of VAT for first service at 10k.


Labour - £153
Filter - £8
Plug - £1
Oil - 58.50 (4.5 litres)
Filter - £17 (pollen?)
Screenwash - £1.80 (wtf!)
Engine flush - £11
Injection cleaner - £11.

Tis expensive here in the south...


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just phoned around for some quotes for an 05 A3 3.2 Quattro DSG S-Line 1st year AVS service:

Stirling - £275
Edinburgh - £275
Glasgow - £295

(all incl oil and courtesy car)

[/ QUOTE ]

I know it might be a bit far to travel but Ingram Audi in Ayr saved me almost £200 when compared to Glasgow Audi for the 40k service on my S3 (the Haldex oil/filter and brake fluid service). They don't have the dealer franchise any longer, so they can't sell new Audis, but the service dept is audi approved.

Good customer service, and they had a new A3 2.0 TDi available for the day at short notice.

Worth a look.........


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After being quoted £210 at Alexander Audi Huddersfield went to pick up my car and was pleasantly surprised when the final bill was £200.

Funny thing was even though I had just filled my windscreen wash they still charged me for it.....and sent me the bottle along with my litre of oil. Didnt complain as I had already saved a tenner........


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£290 1st avs with Wearside Audi. That included a new 1l top up oil, as i'd recently ran out.

Booked the haldex service also but was told my car runs a new type of diff, and only needs looking at after 40k?


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All prices include VAT for a 2004 2.0TDi DSG.

£250 Camberley
£295 Southampton
£285 Basingstoke (Martins)
Just to update this thread, I made a few calls today to the following dealers for a first AVS quote on my Sportback 2.0TDI. The figure in brackets is the extra charge for a brake fluid change as it will need doing on my car in October:

Hatfield Audi, Hatfield, AL9 5AL : 0845 241 3357 : £320.00 (+ £98)
Whetstone Audi, Whetstone, N20 0PT : 0845 450 8752 : £390.00 (+ £97)
H R Owen Audi, Colindale, NW9 5AL : 0845 450 9422 : £310.00 (+ £98.15)
Lea Valley Audi, Chingford, E4 8JA : 020 8529 7077 : £230.00 (+ £89.95)
Vindis Audi, Huntingdon, PE29 6WP : 01480 454545 : £224.74 (+ £100.58)

Although I live in Herts, I also contacted Vindis in Huntingdon following David Robinson's feedback earlier in this thread - still a great price David!

I am very surprised at just how much the price varies - when the lady at Whetstone quoted £390 and asked me when I wanted to book it in, I had to reply "never, at that price!" and even she was stunned when I told her the Chingford quote. Of course, none of these prices take into account the quality of service, which is why I may still consider Huntingdon even though Chingford is much closer.


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Got quotes this weekend for first sevice at 15k.

Macclesfield Audi - £299
Huddersfield Audi - £207

Can any one actually give a definitive answer as to why costs for a service, which one would imagine is a set proceedure, varies so much.


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my SECOND avs is due soon so have started phoning round.

Southampton £278inc + £93 if I wanted the brake fluid done (cars only 15 months old so I'll wait thanks.)


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It's cheap compared to the up to £390 quotes some people have had! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif

I'd be happy to pay either £197 or £224! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

You going to post your breakdown up mate?

Seems outrageous the difference that there appears to be between dealers for what is the same task being carried out on the same car. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumbsdown.gif


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Here's my breakdown:

Labour £ 136.50 (nothing to say time taken)
Labour discount £ 20.47 (special customer)
Labour subtotal £ 116.03

Oil filter x 1 £ 5.40
Screenwash x 1 £ 0.59
Sump plug x 1 £ 2.50
Air filter ele x 1 £ 17.55
Form.esp 5/30 x 5 £ 53.00
Washer x 1 £ 0.95
Parts discount £ 7.99
Parts subtotal £ 72.00

Grand total £ 188.03
VAT £ 32.91

Total £ 220.94

It was a fiver cheaper than I thought.


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Form.esp 5/30 x 5 £ 53.00

eh? wasat then? I'm sure it'll be obvious when someone enlightens me....


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OK, breakdown from Southampton Audi

PLUG £1.12
OIL £62.11

1.6 Labour @ £90 per hour + vat


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Just had my 2.0TDI Sport serviced today ,first one on AVS. Newcastle audi

£60.40 for 5 litres of oil !!! wtf
£161.50 for labour £17.50 1L oil top up
plus filter etc total £305.11

I had just bought 5ltrs of oil from halfords last month to use as a top up and now they changed the oil type doh !! and it looks like there's a lot of scratches on it after they've washed it.


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This is very interesting, I have just had my first service done as the Service light came on at 10,400 miles.
Before we come on to prices, my service book says it is a 20k service, so why has the service indicator come on soooo early??? I was told that I should have put the who contents of the oil in that they give you, but I cant if it hasnt lost that much can i ?? maybe I should have drained some off??!!!

Anyway on to servicing costs - I went to Whitehouse Audi Bexley Kent, now changed to SG Smith - I paid approx £318 for my A3 2.0TQ Sline Sport. This seems a lot, and going by some other reports on here I should have shopped around, I wish I had.



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I paid £205 for my first AVS in December last year at 16,500 miles at Edinburgh Witherspoons.

Found it pretty painless really and realise now I got a pretty decent price.


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My 1st AVS service was an ungainly £245 at Huddersfield Audi, with £132 of that coming in for labour. Gah! Did get provided a car, 2.0 l TDi sport like mine, though it was the 3 door version, mines the 5 door sportback. I prefer mine. Of course.

One thing that does confuse me, how do I know when the next service is? There is no infor on my invoices other than to say that the information is on the dash, but the service counter on my dash is just blank slashes?


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It'll do the same again. After a couple of hundred miles you're AVS indicator in the DIS will start estimating, same as the first time round.


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Just noticed when looking through my car handbook tonight,
"oil capacity with filter change 3.8 ltrs" (2.0 diesel)
so why do the steelers charge you for 5ltrs.


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I visited my dealer (Vindis Audi in Huntingdon) this morning. The Emissions warning light came on a few days ago and I had arranged for them to check it out this morning. It turned out to be a faulty intake manifold flap, which was replaced under warranty while I waited. As I was there I asked the service reception for their current price for the 1st ASW service on the A3 - £224.


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I know this is slightly different, my S3 is due its 3rd service on AVS. It has now done 54k. I was quoted (Croydon Audi) about £300 not including brake fluid or Haldex oil.

I understand that the Haldex should be done every 20k miles. I bought the car 8 months ago on 48k miles from a Main Dealer, Croydon Audi. The last haldex change was done at 23k. Should the dealer not have changed this before selling it on?

Sorry for going off thread a little. Just interested to hear your thoughts.


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As the S3 is an 8L A3 and not an 8P A3 you in the wrong forum. Try posting you question in the 8L forum - you may get some answers.
h5djr said:
As I was there I asked the service reception for their current price for the 1st ASW service on the A3 - £224.
That's exactly what I was quoted when I rang them a couple of months ago for a quote. I think David R on this forum has used them and spoke highly of their services - may well put some business their way.


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Now it's also possible to get 10% discount on routine servicing and accessories by paying for them with the new Audi credit card. Mine arrived on Friday.


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not servicing - just Audi Accessories.


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Just had my "second" AVS at 19600 miles. Because it hasn't done enough miles to warrant the work scheduled at circa 40k they have done another AVS one. Cost was £196. Dealer was Leicester Audi. Got an A8 4.0TDi Sport courtesy car with ALL the goodies including voice activation (which was fun!!) as I do quite a lot of business with the dealer. Unbelievable torque on the thing and surprisingly good stopping power for such a lump!


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Bought my 2.0TDI off eBay. Previous owner had just paid Amersham Audi £454 for its first AVS1 service (at 16,000 miles, 20 months). Have I got the record for the biggest bill?

Breakdown was:

Basic AVS1 Service £189.05
Oil £59.50
Brake Fluid Service £69.65
Screenwash £2.04
Plug £0.95
32003048OIL £5.40
8100965FIL £17.55
Wiperblades(3) £28.95
Brakefluid £13.64
VAT £67.68

Total £454.41

Has anyone any ideas what the two items with funny numeric prefixes are?


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The items could be oil and air filters.

To compare with the other quotes you'd prob need to take off the Brake Fluid change as most people haven't included this in their quotes as it is usually done at 2yrs (which may or may not coincide with a service).

Prob need to take off the wiperblades too to be consistent with others.

Mind you, £189 as a base charge is a lot, Dave R can prob confirm how long the 1st AVS should take so u can work out per hr figure.


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Ah yes - filters. Suspect the 5.40 OIL was an oil filter and the 17.55 FIL is an air, fuel or poillen filter....



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The DIS is showing 800 miles till the AVS2 is due. I did the usual, Phoned Hitchin Audi

£580!!! (including brake fluid @ £96)

I politly declined to book my car in. Then Phoned Vindis Audi in Huntingdon.

£276.20 + £90 for the brakes. So the car is booked in with them again. Couldn't belive the difference in the prices.