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Avg2 54.1mpg 470mile/tank Diesel Ultimate Odometer 5824 1.6D

Flugel Hound Apr 13, 2014

  1. Flugel Hound

    Flugel Hound Member

    Been 5 or so month with the Sportback and Im a now pleased with the MPG and performance from the 1.6D.
    Just yesterday short term average 1 over an 87 mile trip returned 58.9mpg. Up the A1 which was mixed motor way under cruise control at 70mph some 60mph and some 50mph.
    I recently turned to ultimate Diesel and would say I get an extra 50mile to the tank? last tank full gave me 470mile, with a long term average of 54.1mpg that being over 934miles. I always drive under Dynamic.

    Diesel ultimate definitely gives a bit more poke to the throttle and increased mpg, as to whether it pays for itself im not sure. Im not too bothered as I have a fuel card.

    On occasions after say an enforced 50mph section of the A1 Gateshead Bypass I get 63mpg on the flat. This soon goes when national speed limit sign comes back.

    How are you 1.6D doing?

  2. cemerson

    cemerson Well-Known Member Team Cosmos Audi A3 quattro TDi S-line owners group DSG

    I would think that would pick up as you get more miles - my 2.0 TDI on roughly the same stretch got 63mpg at 75mph cruise control
  3. smk82

    smk82 Active Member

    Currently averaging about 46mpg/tank although this increases to about 55/57 on a long run. Best i've had out of tank so far is ~480mpg. Still not cracked the 500miles yet, with just over 8000miles on the clock.
  4. Daveotto

    Daveotto Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team Floret Silver Gold Supporter Audi S3 S3 Saloon

    Average of 46.75 over 7000 miles as calculated brimful to brimful and not DIS.

    2.0TDI always in dynamic with typical work commute run of 10 miles in each direction driven at edge of speed limit along dual carriageway so never fully warms up on journey into work.

    Pretty impressed when compared to my 1.4TFSI 8P which had a long term average of 41MPG under the same conditions but was driven maybe 2-3 mph slower
  5. bobinder

    bobinder Active Member

    Is the 1.6TDI a powerful enough engine to not struggle at pulling away at junctions and also at overtaking on hilly roads?
  6. Daz Auto

    Daz Auto Active Member

    Yes and no. Fine at junctions. Though we do have S-tronic. However, needs plenty of space for overtaking. Fairly guttless above 50. I would hate it, but my wife is fine with it.

    Back on topic. Early days yet, but we have seen a few runs at 65mpg on the DIS.

    It is going to be impossible for me to do the fill-to-fill calculation as I'm not in the car enough.

    Also, I had not realised how difficult it is to fill the car to the neck. It's really tricky with the mis-fuel stop there.
  7. AlnSaz

    AlnSaz Active Member Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group Black Edition S-line owners group Manual

    I would say yes - I had the same engine in a Leon Ecomotive a couple of years ago but it had the 5-speed gearbox, the 6-speed in dynamic mode on the A3 is far better and nippier. It's no racer but ample for general overtakes and hills ;)
  8. AlnSaz

    AlnSaz Active Member Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group Black Edition S-line owners group Manual

    I'm impressed already with just 300 miles on the clock - done a 120 mile run on motorway / A roads the other day and it was showing 60mpg average and sometimes hitting 67mpg. I wasn't even trying over a route I drive a lot and stick close to the speed limits

    As for performance diesel my company fuel card doesn't allow it so sticking with 'normal' diesel
    Last edited: May 6, 2014

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