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Avant tailgate comfort close

Pee Jam May 18, 2020

  1. Pee Jam

    Pee Jam A6 Avant LeMans 3.0L Seat Alhambra xcellence Gold Supporter

    Hi all

    I brought one of these modules that will allow you to close the tailgate remotely from the key fob,


    The instructions do not appear to concur with what is on my car!

    The first thing they say is to remove the upper boot light and then the trim panels in order to find the tailgate module, but that sits in the o/s side wing behind the removable panel, where the tool kit is located.....

    So I was not feeling confident that the instructions are good, especially when it does not help me to id which plug on the module I need to work with.

    Has anyone here fitted one of these?


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