Avant Subwoofer upgrade


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Thought I'd share a quick and dirty upgrade I made this morning.
I was swapping my battery, which means I had the subwoofer out, and saw that the speaker is a standard 6.5" size. I removed the speaker from the housing (T15 or T20 Torx) The orginal VW speaker uses standard spade connectors, and measures to be 2 Ohms.

I have a spare pair of Morel Elates, which are 4 ohm, so decided to swap the driver over. The housing only needed a couple of small posts cutting which locate the original speaker in the correct position over the screw holes, but these are not needed normally (I suspect only there to make robot assembly easier) so I cut them away with a small pair of wire cutters. Located the replacement speaker in the housing , and the screw holes lined up perfectly. I made a quick adapter for the negative connector because the tab sizes were different, so I didn't need to cut the factory wiring inside the housing.

Replaced everything in the car, and had a quick listen. To my ear, it's improved alot. The speaker being less sensitive has cleaned up the sound stage, and gives a more balanced, deeper and punchy sound. Can actually hear changes to bass notes, rather than just a dull thudding. Took me 20 minutes and didn't cost anything as I had the parts lying around, but I'm sure wouldn't cost very much to source a better speaker than the original audi unit.

Note - I think I have the Audi Advanced Audio with 10 speakers. Certainly not the B&O

Original speaker on the right.





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Nice! Best hack I’ve seen in a while. Most of my music is bass heavy so would like to try this myself.