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Avant Rigid Parcel Shelf

JohnnieWalker May 15, 2020

  1. JohnnieWalker

    JohnnieWalker Registered User

    Hi all, I've just carpeted my rigid parcel shelf and thought I'd share the pics with you all.

    Although the standard pull out parcel shelf is good for hiding the contents of the boot I personally don't think it's great, although I suppose it allows quick access to the rear of the boot area, which would otherwise be a bit awkward to reach.

    Also, if anything gets put onto the shelf it either dips down or slides around, which is very annoying.

    I decided on an MDF parcel shelf as it means I can use it as additional storage area, mainly for when ( eventually ) we go camping, as I can then put all the really heavy stuff in the boot and have all the lighter stuff on the parcel shelf to make it easier to load/unload.

    Luckily my neighbour is a joiner, so I made a cardboard template and explained what I wanted and he knocked it up really quick, I then ordered the carpet and covered it myself, and although not perfect, I'm pleased with the result.

    As I had bent up the upper portion of the original boot "blind" unit to allow the shelf to slot in easier, I had damaged the plastic/rubber covering slightly, and also wanted a way to conceal the "join" as best I could.

    I just glued a thin strip of the carpet on the top area of the original boot cover holder and it has a flap that overlaps the join where the shelf slots in.
    IMG20200507154114.jpg IMG20200507135908.jpg IMG20200515163452.jpg IMG20200515162529.jpg IMG20200515162550.jpg IMG20200515163422.jpg IMG20200515163407.jpg IMG20200515163505.jpg
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