Avant rear wash


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Just a quick question I hope someone can help me with.

My rear wash stopped working. It was squirting into the boot but also draining out past the amp and behind the rear wheel.
I've taken the inner boot lining off the door and traced it back to the hinge on the boot drivers side it looks ok.

I gave the tube a blow :laugh: and it sounds like the air is coming out at the hinge. How do I get the plastic cover off the boot around the hinge itself? Will this even let me in enough and is there a join in the pipe there or am I looking at a split pipe

Oh and (despite being careful) some of the metal clips holding the boot lining in didn't make it :sadlike: Does anyone know the part number to replace them? They are like a V shape.

Thanks in advance



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Ok, so I popped it all off. Surprisingly, my ham fisted ways have not damaged any more connecters.

I could tell that there was a gap in the protective rubber housing so I just cut it open. Hose is split in half.