Avant , no boot lights.


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Hi Guys,

A pretty long time looker-in here.
My apologies for this long-winded intro. Stage setting.
However, a time of need has come and I could do with some help.

I have a late ‘17 build petrol Avant. Since I purchased it, new, the tailgate manual closing has been an annoyance. I mean, if it can be remotely triggered to open, why did Audi not reverse the procedure and make it remote closing.

So, having searched on and off, a few weeks ago I saw a mention and link to this German company, and this product http://shop.bexpro.co/en/content/8-bx-ctm1-comfort-tailgate-module.

So I ordered and received one.

To make the module operate, it takes power from the boot interior lights circuit. After a bit of palaver, I got it working, and then it did'nt. I emailed help, and got a nice message back, essentially reiterating the wiring I had done.

I have found that with the car locked, open tailgate, no boot area lights.

With the car unlocked, open tailgate, no interior lights.

Car unlock, open drivers door, main interior lights come on. Open tailgate, boot interior lights come on, but for only about 8 sec. Then off.

So when I had it working, it was within that lights on window.

So, is there a setting somewhere that I can’t find to set the interior lights. I seem to remember the interior lights should remain on for 20 minutes. Never tried. But, the radio cuts off after a few minutes if I’m sitting engine off. Or I need to find another supply.

I have just received an OBD11, used it for the indicators 5 flash and rear running lights so far, BTW long coding is a closed book, as far as I’m concerned. Thanks in advance.


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Maybe I’m missing something, but why don’t you leave the lighting circuit as is and run a feed from the fuse box? Would solve all the problems in one go and is a known entity.


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Hi, no, the module is wired to the tailgate closing switch, and the tailgate servo-lock. And lives in the tailgate.
Perhaps I should have been clearer, I was trying not to make the tale too long.
The lighting circuit becomes live when the tailgate opens, or it should, thus powering the module only at that time.
But in my case, not long enough.


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Ok, 8 secs does seem very short for the boot but 20 mins also seems very long don’t know if mine would make 5 mins but then maybe I’m not looking for it :)

Does it still only do 8 seconds with the new controller disconnected? Or is it interfering in some way.


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no, module unplugged makes no difference.
And as I said, they ONLY come on when the car is unlocked, AND the drivers door opened.
I have never noticed before because I usually, 99%, only use the boot area during the day.
I thought there might be some setting I don't know off.