Help Please Avant Mud Flaps


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Does anyone know how the mud flaps are attached on the B8 avant? Need to remove some later on and want to make sure I’ve got everything I need.



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Torx bit, can remember the size. There is also a set of metal clips but a big screwdriver is all that is needed. I have set of flaps I took of my car.


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So to hijack the thread chaps just still learning whats available and whats not............ I gave my local stealership my reg and he said no flaps available to fit my car?? Is he talking ***** or what is special about mine?....... S line black edition tdi quattro, or are your flaps from another place. TIA Dave

Geoff Morritt

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Morning Dave. The front flaps fitted to my B8 are off the B8.5, but fit perfectly. Haven`t fit any rears, so cannot comment on them. I have attached a photo of them on mine.