aux on rnse audi a3 2009 poor sound


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Hi got a 2009 a3 with the mk1 rnse I believe as it has bluetooth for phone calls, 6 cd changer and the surround isnt glossy like the newer one?

I also have an aux port near the handbrake but find the sound quality is poor on my samsung s5 via a belkin aux wire compared with the sd cards/cds.

What can I do to improve the sound quality? Any good Fm transmitters available for my setup? IS there any better aux wire that you guys can recommend? Any other options?

Thank you.


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Sounds like the RNS-E mk1 if it is without the glossy frame.

My AUX which is reteofittes with a loom from Kufatec got quite nice quality. Do you think yours is original?