Aux enabling concert 3


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Hi guys, looking to enable the Aux input on my 2007 a3 concert 3 head unit. Does anyone have vag com around the West London area? I'm in hayes. Any help would be much appreciated! Dan


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Yes and I replied to your message ;)


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I'll need to do the same, and get a USB port from the radio output, is it possible as well ?
I believe this is a Concert 3, right ?
image radio2.png

Radio 1 .png

My thing would be, enable the aux, and plug the Sony Bluetooth Music receiver BM 100
that will provide output of 2 RCA (L+R)(that it would connect to the radio.)but it will need a micro usb input power (500 mA) ...

Could you please help out ?



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I'd be interested in something like this! Miss the unit I had in my MK4.

Or maybe the android swaps...


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what I've been looking is into something like this :


and then plug it into the BM10 bluetooth from sony.
I contacted the seller to try to understand the output of the USB port, mA, and voltage, so I could plug it into the Bluetooth box... avoiding any extra wiring to be done.


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Sorry to spam the post.
I've order the part from ebay, but most likely I will need to "reconfigure" the radio.
Is there someone in the Berkshire county that could help me out ?